EntertainmentIf I had to kill myself, I wouldn't spend time on logo,...

If I had to kill myself, I wouldn’t spend time on logo, says actor

Adnan also revealed that he hasn't deleted all his IG posts as it may seem, and has just archived them.

India– Singer Adnan Sami has recently been in the news, not for his soulful music, but for his impressive weight loss journey.

This story was nothing short of motivation for weight watchers, as the music composer lost over 100 kilos and shrank from 230kg to 75kg in 16 months.

The 51-year-old did his part to lift the spirits of young people struggling with obesity, and now it’s our turn to draw inspiration from the birthday boy.

Adnan Sami, who recently left his fans shocked by deleting all of the posts on his Instagram handle, has finally revealed the reason behind it.

After leaving his profile blank, Adnan shared a video that read ‘Alvida’ (Goodbye). A few days later, he released a new song Alvida and its music video. Also Read| Adnan Sami deletes all posts on Instagram and writes ‘alvida’

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When asked why he decided to delete his Instagram posts leaving many of his fans worried, Adnan revealed that the idea came from his recent physical transformation.

The musician said that the idea might have been clever or stupid, but his intention was to reflect that he has gone through a complete transformation. He also expressed shock at how his move was perceived by the public.

Adnan told ETimes, “Call it clever or stupid, but the idea to remove all my social media posts came from my recent transformation. Pandemic forced all of us to rethink our priorities…I decided I would return to making music…

This decision of change wasn’t just from my physical transformation, but a mental transformation, too. I wanted to focus on creating melodious music. That’s why I rechristened myself as Adnan 2.0 on Instagram as well. So, fuelled by this process of change, I thought it would be a good idea to unclutter on social media and I archived all my posts.”

Adnan also revealed that he hasn’t deleted all his posts as it may seem, and has just archived them.

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Talking about the worried reactions from his fans, Adnan said, “For heaven’s sake, if I intended to jump off the ledge and kill myself, I would’ve just written the word ‘alvida’ in a caption. I would not have had a stylistic logo designed where each letter of the word alvida fades in on the screen. If I had to kill myself I would not spend time making the announcement aesthetic and cinematic.”

However, Adnan found reaffirmation in all the messages that the fans sent him to cheer him up after the incident. He released his new track, Alvida, on Thursday, July 28. He also featured in the music video of the song.

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