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“I’m literally a communist” – exasperated Trump protester confesses




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”I’m a literally a communist!”, an exasperated anti-Trump protester confessed on ITV’s Good Morning show.

About 50,000 gathered in central London to campaign against Trump during his official visit to the United Kingdom (UK). Demonstrators made their way through the city on the “Stop Trump” march before a large takes place in Trafalgar Square.

The organisers have described the as part of a “carnival of resistance” taking place across the UK in response to the US president’s visit. The protesters also released a 20-foot-tall orange inflatable with the face of as a hallmark of their protest.

A leading activist of the ‘Stop Trump’ campaign described the “’ as an “obscene mutant clone of the president” which will “hold up a huge mirror of truth” to the world.

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One of the protesters, Ash Sarkar, participated in Piers Morgan’s Good Morning Britain show accused the host of not doing his homework, and tried to explain why she’ll be marching at Westminster in protest of the President’s visit.

Ash explained: “I’ll be marching in Westminster tomorrow, alongside thousands of other people who found the policy of border patrol unconscionable, who think that the sight of our elected Prime Minister holding Trump’s hand an utter embarrassment…”

When Morgan said; “I’ve checked out some basic facts about your hero Obama.” To which Sarkar retorted: “He’s not my hero! I’m a communist you idiot!”

But Morgan was not having any of and suggested that Sarkar was “relentlessly anti-Trump” and “pro-somebody like Obama”.

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This was when exasperated Sarkar shot back: “I’m not pro-Obama. I’ve been a critic of Obama. I’ve been a critic of the Democratic party. I’m literally a Communist.”

Morgan had previously said: “Everyone keeps screaming at me not to like Donald Trump and it’s not going to work. He’s a friend of mine.”

ITV also interviewed some who were protesting Trump in Britain. The protesters said that they were demonstrating his visit as they saw him as a “bully” who has no sympathy for and . Several pointed to Trump’s strong stance against illegal immigration to the . Others said that they were embarrassed by his “anti-Muslim policies”.

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Why are people protesting against Donald Trump?

We spoke to some of the anti-Trump demonstrators on the streets of London to see why they joined thousands upon thousands of others protesting his visit: https://bit.ly/2zDEY5u

Posted by ITV News on Friday, 13 July 2018

Sarkar is the senior editor at Novara Media. Novara Media has been described as “one of the new wave of left-wing media outlets” in the United Kingdom.


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