International In Delhi, Women personnel take over

In Delhi, Women personnel take over

Women personnel of Delhi police take the lead in operations to celebrate International Women's Day

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New Delhi — To mark International Women’s Day, Delhi Police’s women personnel took the lead on Monday in all areas of field policing – from managing major traffic intersections and driving police control room vans to leading motorcycle patrolling and working at the help desks, as duty officers and as emergency officers in various police stations.

On the occasion, the Delhi Police also honoured 22 women personnel for their remarkable efforts beyond the call of duty during the Covid-19 pandemic period and 15 civilian women from various fields such as health services, social services, entrepreneurs and Good Samaritans for their remarkable contribution to society.

Nine women, who had delivered their babies in police control room vans while on their way to hospitals, were also invited with their children to the Delhi Police headquarters on Monday to take part in the celebrations. Two women officers who had helped these women during childbirth were also felicitated.

Delhi police commissioner SN Shrivastava said the force wants to mark the day in two ways – one, by letting the women force take command roles and manage priority policing and, two, by felicitating women police officers who have done exceptional work in their fields.

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“On women’s day, major traffic junctions, PCR vehicles and police station functioning were commanded by women. Our idea is to profoundly state that with self-belief, women can and are doing marvellous work, shoulder to shoulder with men, breaking gender stereotypes,” the commissioner said.

Awareness events such as a street play on ‘Good Touch-Bad Touch’ was also held.

Reiterating Delhi Police’s approach towards crime against women, Shrivastava said last year, the crime against women reduced by 30% in Delhi. “Delhi Police is committed to ensuring the safety of women,” he said.

He listed out the women safety measures taken up by Delhi Police such as the Sashakti self-defence programme, the launching of apps such as Himmat Plus, and implementation of Safe City project with 10,000 cameras, and assured the people that Delhi Police is continuously striving to secure and serve women better.

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