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Indonesians go crazy over blond French TNI academy junior accused of flying ISIS flag

The TNI stood its ground, dismissing claims the young Franco-Indonesian boy is radicalised or belongs to any controversial Islamic groups




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The Indonesian enrolled a young Franco-Indonesian man with blond hair and a very French look.

This created a major national stir a few days ago in to the point where  needed an inquiry on whether the Tentera National  or should allow him to join the academy.

But the is not only over his looks, which prompted some to ask whether the ‘exclusively’ Indonesian institution will allow a French man to join.

There were talks that Enzo Zenz Allie is a member of the firebrand Islamic group Hizb-ut-Tahrir or HTI and that he once floated a flag of the extremist group, ISIS.

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Enzo Zenz Allie, accused of radicalism posted a photo on media showing him holding a banner with the writing “Laillahailallah”.

This made several people criticise the boy and the TNI for taking him in the academy.

But after a lengthy re-look at the young man’s application, the academy retained him in their ranks.

The Army ‘’ —The National Military Academy of put the young man through additional tests and queries which cleared him from the HTI feud.
Army Chief of Staff General Andika Perkasa confirms she believes Enzo Zenz Allie is not a radicalised .

The four-star general, local news agencies say, hopes with the release of this official statement, the public will not doubt Enzo as a young military academy.

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Andika also hopes everyone will encourage and support Enzo and 364 other young ones to achieve results at the academy.

She stresses Enzo and friends have been together for a long time in the academy, saying she has faith they will graduate early so they will be able to serve in the armed forces.

Former Constitutional Court (MK) Chief RI Mahfud MD says the military is insane for accepting the at the Military Academy.

In fact, the military should be able to see Enzo’s track record and should have access to the video portraying his actions, says Mahfud.

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He adds with the advent of information technology today, a search is not a difficult thing to do.

He insists it is a mistake to accept the application from the young man.

“I think the military is a very well-known institution. It is strict with a great track record. But I think this is a mistake.

Nevertheless, the army defended its decision.

Andika Perkasa says Enco is proven not to be ideologically problematic, adding there should not be doubts.

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