Entertainment Celebrity Introducing the cast of Singapore Social

Introducing the cast of Singapore Social

Here's a rundown on the actors featured in the Netflix show

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If you are wondering who are the people in Singapore Social and why are people obsessed about this Netflix show, read on.
“Do you find that other women could be intimidated by you?”
“…They’d better be.”
We don’t blame you if you thought we were quoting a line from Keeping Up With The Kardashians or The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
This is actually a line from Netflix reality show Singapore Social that covers the lives of young Singaporeans. The official trailer was shown on November 8 creating excitement among Singaporeans online. The plot may be confusing as it is about the cast members’ parental or societal expectations, relationship drama, quest for happiness and apparently lots of glitz and glamour.
Netizens left comments on social media saying that they don’t think the show depicts an accurate representation of life in Singapore. The show have been compared with the 2018 film Crazy Rich Asians which did a good representation of an upscale Singaporean backdrop.
The series debuted on November 22 and here are some details about the cast.
Mae Tanhttps://www.instagram.com/p/B4q-93DFonZ/?utm_source=ig_embedA Netflix show that’s based on youth in Singapore is only complete if there is a fashion influencer. Mae Tan is a Singapore Tatler friend and fashion plate. She flew to New York City for the July cover of Singapore Tatler and she has over 80K followers on Instagram. That amount of followers are always exposed to Mae’s activities that she makes public on social media and with the series, they will be exposed to more of Mae.Sukki Singaporahttps://www.instagram.com/p/B4W1ArajbLL/?utm_source=ig_embedSukki is probably Singapore’s answer to Dita von Teese, having been the first person in Singapore to ever perform a full and legal burlesque act back in 2015. She is also a Generation T honouree performing for Singapore Tatler’s Generation T party with Shigga Shay in 2017. Sukki is also a philanthropist, known for voicing her views on social issues and is the global ambassador for The Sharan Project, a UK charity that supports vulnerable women in need.Tabitha Nauser

Tabitha is also another Generation T honouree who recently performed at the Hong Kong Tatler Ball. She attended Singapore’s Tatler’s event, Tatler Table: The Cover Stars Series too. Tabitha is no stranger to the entertainment scene as she is also an R&B singer and Singapore Idol alum. Tabitha opened for US sensation Khalid’s American Teen Tour in Singapore last November.

Paul Foster

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Our inaugural #AmbassadorsBuild was the biggest volunteer led build of 26 volunteers to date with the biggest commitment to build 3 homes. What was even better for this build, was that we were able to experience foundation work, which is not normally part of a build. This was back breaking physical labour moving big rocks or "Dungas" in Nepalese and literally building a layer upon layer to essentially lay the foundation of a house. So I was very grateful that we could experience this part of building a home, which required everyones full strength and effort. It was just so amazing how hard everyone worked and how efficient we were to really make a difference for the short time we were there. Looking back, we actually only had about 3 and half days of what was supposed to be a 5 day build, due mostly to logistically issues. We also lost electricity on the last 2 days, which meant a big step up to cut rebars by hand. But these are what makes a build a bigger adventure and what rallied us even more to make the best of this experience and build homes for the wonderful families who had been living in temporary shelters since 2015. I want to continue to learn and grow with each build, so different methods or materials will give me new experiences. I'm not sure when my next build will be, but the fulfillment is always such an amazing gift and I look forward to volunteering as soon as possible, thank you Habitat for Humanity for letting me be a part of your family. #HabitatForHumanity #CharityBuild #TeamBuild #HomeBuild #Volunteer #FindYourCause #MakeADifference #GivingBack #Singapore #Nepal

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Paul is an actor-host who recently gained attention for No Sleep, No Fomo, his reality travelogue on Viu. He completed 60 challenges within 60 hours in various countries including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Switzerland, South Korea and more. Paul had a chance to work with other Asia stars such as Kim Jong-kook from South Korea and Laureen Uy of the Philippines even though it was “exhausting.”

Nicole Ong

Nicole has a background in finance, the founding partner at blockchain advisory firm Athena Advisory as well as the Singapore chapter lead of SoGal. SoGal is a platform for entrepreneurs and investors that aims to close the diversity gap in entrepreneurship and venture capital. Nicole’s Instagram feed is filled with travel, workout and #OOTD shots.

Vinny Sharp

Vinny is a YouTube whose real name is Vinesh Nagrani. He has been making videos for more than four years. His earlier work was filmed in Manchester where he had studied and graduated with a degree in Economics. Punggol Migration is his most viewed video with over 16,000 views. The video is about Singaporean students talking about life away from home.


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