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Is Amanah still worth it for Anwar to combat the PAS?

Amanah is saying it is not squabbling over or Anwar but the reality on the ground says a different story. Here we question the role of the Amanah in Anwar's bid for PM




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This is the part 2 of the analysis on the Anwar and the . The part one can be read here: (What is next for Anwar after dealings with Umno).

The Amanah is seen straying from its original stance, that is absolute support for Anwar.

After all, if someone is bankrolling you, you could at least show vociferous support for the person.


Amanah has always been on the fence since took with the PH in its coalition with the Bersatu, then headed by Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

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And this is where it gets more complicated for Amanah and for Anwar.

Since the Amanah leaders met with Mahathir during the formation of the PH, they have fallen in love with the nonagenarian.

Little wonder Mahathir still feels the love from the PH, at least from some leaders of the PH.

The elderly statesman is using this to harp at Anwar and at his version of the man whose party earned him a second chance to be PM of Malaysia.

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We know that Mahathir has no love for Anwar but he rode on Anwar’s back to rule the country for 22 months.


They were the most chaotic and most challenging 22 months in Mahathir’s rule as PM. They were a total waste for Malaysia, many people believe.

Just watch the online polls on Mahathir’s performance from May 2018 to Feb 2020. His rule as PM under PH is rejected by Netizens as a total failure.

All the blame is on him for the fall of the PH regime, and almost 100% of the pro-Keadilan supporters want to tear the old man apart.

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No amount of excuses from Mahathir or from his honchos will tone down the aggressive nature of the attacks against him.

This has perhaps made him even more sour towards Anwar is more popular than him online, based on reactions on , Facebook and even WhatsApp groups.

But the backlash is not for Mahathir alone. Anwar is also facing some backlash for taking the wrong steps in dealing with Umno in private.

This has offended the DAP and some in Amanah. It has also put the Umno’s relations with the PN in severe strains.

Now that the PAS knows about the infidelity of its Muafakat Nasional (of very Islamic connotation) partner, it is distancing itself from Umno.

We also noticed the silence of the partners of the Keadilan in the Pakatan Harapan on Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s attacks against Anwar.

These attacks are working whether or not we like it and it is putting Anwar on the defensive.

When someone says you are not fit for PM and you can’t do much to prove otherwise, it is a hurtful statement.

And when your partners in your own coalition plays dumb on such accusations, one should wonder.

Is the PH still a viable option for Anwar? That is the question the leader of the Keadilan should ask before he makes the wrong move again!

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