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Is America heading towards civil war?




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By: James Holloway/

An alternative American news outlet has documented a list of at least 447 politically motivated acts of harassment and assault against supporters. This comes on the heels of Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ call for the public harassment of supporters.

Add to that a backdrop of clashes between far-left groups like ANTIFA and far-right groups like the Proud Boys, and one starts to wonder: does have what it takes to hold together?

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There is no doubt that is a polarizing figure – his supporters have a reverence for him which borders on worship, while his detractors seem to think that he is Hitler reincarnate. Trump has survived his presidency thus far by riding a wave of populist support, spurred on by anti-globalist, anti-elitist sentiment.

And yes, contrary to the mainstream media narrative Trump does have support. Rasmussen reports that President Trump’s job approval rating is at 46 per cent, just 2 percentage points below former President at the same time in office.

So, after all of the media hubbub about Russian collusion, wars, special counsels, beleaguered and Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump’s approval rating has essentially remained unchanged.

What that really means, is that nearly half of the country has given the collective middle finger to the establishment elite.

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Indeed, for millions of ordinary, working class Americans looking around at a country they no longer recognize, Donald Trump promises to make America great again. He’s in their corner. In their eyes, Donald Trump is the people’s president. Manufactured, laboratory concocted scandals will not dissuade them; no, only the genuine article will do.

Trump’s latest win in a series of political victories was his nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme , shifting the balance of power in his favor and effectively solidifying his grasp on the nation’s apex .

The significance of this is not lost on and to say that they are frustrated would be woefully inadequate.

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For Democrats, it’s hard to imagine a worse scenario, even though worse scenarios are very definitely possible. Their helplessness in the face of an orange-skinned, toupee-wearing, geriatric pussy-grabber fuels their despair, and this – coupled with an encouraging political class and suggestive media – is a recipe for disaster.

I don’t know what comes next, I don’t know how this divided house can continue to stand. I just know it won’t be good.

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