Is Angelina Jolie going on a hunger strike because of a custody...

Is Angelina Jolie going on a hunger strike because of a custody battle?

Two publications are disputing rumours of a 'hunger strike' that is keeping Angelina Jolie thin and stressed because of a purported custody battle with Brad Pit

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There is a rumour going around that Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is on a hunger strike because of a custody battle with ex-hubby Brad Pit, says New Idea.

But another publication, Gossip Cop says the rumour is not true.

“That’s the obnoxious rumour from one tabloid this week which is found it to be as fake as it is insulting,” says Gossip Cop.

Reading through them it is obvious the two publications have a different view of the lifestyle of Angelina Jolie.

The headline in New Idea is ‘Stressed Angie Goes On Hunger Strike’. The tabloid reported Jolie as looking frail while out and about with her children.

Based on the New Idea’s ‘sources’, beneath the shopping bags and smiles is a woman who is stressed to the max by custody talks with ex-husband Brad Pitt.

The magazine also said that Jolie is so worried about the custody situation that it is destroying her appetite.

It quotes an anonymous source saying that Jolie is barely 100lbs and no one can remember the last time she had a full meal.

The source then adds that Jolie wants to live abroad but Brad has put his foot down and there is nothing Jolie can do about it.

This has led to a lifestyle of rushing every other week from Europe to Los Angeles, bringing the kids around when she is not working and stretching herself to the limit.

According to the insider, food is the last thing on Jolie’s mind and she is getting by with just fruit, the occasional bite of protein and gallons of coffee to keep her energy levels up.

The tabloid did not mention a hunger strike outside of its eye-catching headline. Forgetting to eat and hunger strikes are two different things.

Angelina Jolie signed a fan’s tattoo of her face. Picture: Instagram

Gossip Cop caught New Idea with the same story last October. New Idea reported in both stories that there was a hunger strike but does not really explain it beyond the headline.

There is a misunderstanding about the Pitt-Jolie custody agreement and the accusations about Jolie’s health.

Based on Gossip Cop, Angelina Jolie mentioned she would like to move abroad but she cannot go anywhere as the kids need to be close to their father. Jolie needs to allow Pitt time with his kids until they are all 18.

New Idea also argued that Maddox Jolie-Pitt would take custody of the rest of his siblings last July. The tabloid based all this information on ‘insiders’ instead of actual court documents.

The tabloid also uses recycled details about a leading woman’s appearance and diet. Gossip Cop is no stranger to the claim that an actress is living solely on a diet of coffee and an occasional piece of fruit.

Gossip Cop quoted OK!’s January 2018 article in saying that Jolie ate only grapefruit and strawberries and drank coffee.

Despite all these claims throughout all these years, Jolie did not show any signs of weakness or collapsed because of severe malnutrition.

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