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Is Fish Leong divorced?

The rumour is that 41-year-old Leong was upset over Chao's fling with a woman although there are reports that she has forgiven him




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is unclear whether Malaysian singer has really divorced her Taiwan wine merchant-husband.

doesn’t help that the singer has kept quiet even as outlets like Apple Daily have reported that their nine-year marriage is in hot water.

Her husband Tony Chao also have not said anything about the issue.

He told Apple Daily that it it not uncommon for couples to argue and claimed to have no idea why people would suspect his marriage to be over.

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Chao also posted that netizens should not be concerned over a situation which he considered as a non-issue.

Based on reports, Apple Daily wrote last week that the couple had divorced with custody of their five-year-old son to be shared.

The rumour is that 41-year-old Leong was upset over Chao’s fling with a woman although there are reports that she has forgiven him.

Netizens, are fishing for answers, are puzzled over the turn of events, given that everything had looked calm in recent months.

The couple were in the Maldives to celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary in February, and Chao posted a photo of the singer and their son in June.

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But were there dangerous undercurrents beneath the calm?

China Press reported that when Leong was in in July, her representatives told the media not to ask her about her family.

But she did say that, in , what people see is not necessarily what is true beneath the surface.

“There was no affair or no . It’s common for couples to have quarrels,” said Chao.

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“I don’t know spread these rumours,” he added.

Leong returned to last month to promote her album and her agency restricted the media from asking any questions regarding her husband.

The couple met after being introduced to each other by her manager.

They tied the knot in Boracay, Philippines in 2010 and Leong gave birth to her son Anderson Chao in 2014. -/TISG






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