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Is Ku Li really in command of Umno?

News went wild that Mahathir is working with an Umno man to block Anwar from gaining support in Parliament but it seems to have gone wrong for the nonagenarian




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saw yet another October tragedy or Tragedi Oktober in Malay with all the dramas in the country.

Tragedi Oktober is a Malaysian drama and love genre screened in 1996. Directed by Yusof Kelana is a sequel to some successful love drama. is seldom used as a moniker in political dramas in Malaysia.

In Anwar’s case, it means the latter has seen another tragedy in his political career with the confusing aftermath of his meet at the Royal Palace.

All that with the simple intent to block Anwar Ibrahim from acceding to the post of Minister.

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After his meeting with the , the Malaysian , got bashed on networks.

His opponents pounced on him for allegedly not having a majority in Parliament as he has claimed and for insulting the Agong.

They made police reports that he lied to the Agong. Meanwhile, the police are chasing him for a statement on a list of names published in a fake news portal.

But these are not the only problems Anwar faced during the week.

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A letter from the Agong’s office saying Anwar did not reveal the names of MPs got the chatterbox going. An ex-Ambassador says it sounded like a rebuke.

People started to question Anwar’s honesty and ‘majority’ in Parliament. But no one really understood how the process for a regime change works.


On Tuesday, out of the blue, an MP from Kelantan was granted an with . Later, the MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah clarifies that he was called up to give advise to .

But later, it turned out that Razaleigh, also known as Ku Li, was probably in the running for the PM post.

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He had sent a letter to the House Speaker asking for his be put to vote. The Speaker turned him down.

It turned out that it was part of a manoeuvre to outplay Anwar and create confusion on really holds a majority in Parliament.

A local news portal reported that Ku Li had the support of at least 24 MPs from . Ku Li is a member of the .

Though the party has 39 MPs in Parliament, the elederly politician from Kelantan managed to garner support from only 24.

This is a hard question for a long-time member of the Umno who left the party after a massive spat with Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Ku Li rejoined Umno just before the Reformasi movement started in Malaysia following Anwar’s expulsion from Umno.

People like to say Ku Li who was opposition leader once, missed the chance for power . This may be the third time he misses it, despite claims he may be the biggest contender to the post.

The other question is whether Ku Li is really in command of Umno where stalwarts like and Zahid Hamidi are still calling the shots?


On the other hand, in a related story, Anwar Ibrahim says he is under pressure to reveal the names of the MPs supporting him.

He says the MPs are from the Umno and he did not reveal the names to the Agong because he never said he will do so. He also brushed aside claims he lied to the King on the names, saying it was sufficient for him to deliver to the King the letters from party leaders whose MPs support him.

The letters were from the DAP, Amanah, Keadilan and Umno. All four parties has a total of 120 MPs in Parliament. Anwar mentioned on Tuesday he had more than 120 MPs on his side.

If that is the case, Ku Li might not have 24 MPs from Umno supporting him. He might just be another spanner thrown at Anwar by his opponents. The main culprit in this scenario would be non other but Dr Mahathir.

A picture of Mahathir with Ku Li circulating on social media got the nonagenarian politician on the defensive.

A Mahathir man claims the photo is four years old. But netizens says it is evidence Ku Li and Mahathir are working together to stop Anwar.


And the Tragedi Oktober is not only for Ku Li and Anwar. It is a blow for Mahathir too. The ex-PM Najib Razak seems to have thrown a challenge to Mahathir.

The latter is seemingly entertaining the thought of getting support from Umno to block Anwar. But this has to come for a huge price.

Najib has suddenly spoken on Mahathir on Oct 17, saying he will forgive the elderly politician if the latter ask him for forgiveness.

If not, Mahathir can go find him in Padang Mahsyar, which refers to the Islamic system in the afterlife.

Thus, it appears the Tragedi-Oktober is also haunting Mahathir in his latest attempt to sink Anwar Ibrahim’s support from the Umno.

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