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Is Linda Chung leaving showbiz?




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Hong Kong actress Linda Chung is busy filming for the series Children’s Hospital for now. is believed that could be her last show. The 36-year-old sat down for an interview after her shoot for the show’s theme song. Linda shared that her priority is her . Linda said that she has not seen her husband and for three months now. Her are now living in . She is married to chiropractor Jeremy Leung and they have two children Kelly, 4 and Jared, 2.

“We are now communicating via video every night,� she was quoted as saying. “My son is still young and does not mind greeting me via camera. My is closer to me and tells me frequently: ‘Miss you, come home now’.�

Linda Chung’s main focus is her family. Picture: Instagram

According to Linda, her initial plan was to fly her family to Hong Kong in August. However, that plan was scrapped due to Covid-19 concerns. As stands, the actress will probably return to Canada once filming is completed. “I am counting down to the days as I still have 36 days of filming,� she said.

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She also credits hubby Jeremy for taking care of their household while she’s away. “This may be my last drama, I really don’t know, I may the next one in 10 years’ time,� she said. “I have to consider my role as a mother when I take on the next job.�

Born in April 9 1984, Linda Chung Ka-yan is a Chinese-Canadian actress, singer and songwriter. In 2004, she signed a long-term contract with TVB after winning the Miss Chinese International. Linda ended her contract with TVB in 2018.

As a singer, Linda has released four studio albums, Dinner for One, World for Two (2008), My Love Story (2009), My Private Selection (2011), and Love Love Love (2012).

As part of TVB, she is still “the youngest A-grade actress�. She is currently the highest-paid , earning around HK$120,000 per project. Linda is also a devoted Christian.

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Linda married chiropractor Jeremy Leung in fall 2015. Despite the age gap, Linda stated that their relationship developed due to similar interests and understanding one another. When paparazzi asked Linda’s parents if they approve of their son in , Linda’s parents responded confidently with approval.

Linda announced her on Mother’s Day 2016. She revealed on August 27 2016 that she had given birth to a daughter named Kelly Leung. She announced the birth of her second child, Jared Leung, on September 6 2018.


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