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It was a sharper and far more disciplined Trump last night

If this was Trump's best ever the question is whether the improved performance will impact the vote in less than two weeks




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won the final between President Donald and Democratic contender Joe ? The jury is out there but most of them agree on one major point: Trump came out sharper, more disciplined.

However, they say this may not be enough for Trump to win more votes.

Yet, some analyst believes the performance could provide some late momentum that could help the Republican Party hang onto its slender majority in the U.S. Senate.

is five or six states that will decide the elections this time. They are all within the margin of error. Though is ahead Trump can still win. Did last night debate change some people’s view on Trump?

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Well, we will know that in 12 days.

Yet, most of the polling gave Biden a large winner of the debate, though some would say Trump did corner Biden at some point.

Nevertheless, Biden scores between 53-54% against Trump 39-41% in the final debate according to various polls.

However, pro-Trump supporters are saying their president won by a large margin. On , they are showing Trump winning the debate with 90% or more of approval.

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If this was Trump’s best debate ever but the improved performance from his damaging first showing wouldn’t be enough to shift the race.

It was clear that Trump is never prepared to fight a debate with the correct data and facts. He counts a lot on his skills as a negotiator instead.

Whereas Biden came better prepared, was more compassionate and instead of only answering to Trump, he was also addressing the people watching the show.

He took part in their sufferings and made it clear Trump was in contrast to the show of empathy towards the people.

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After the debate, Trump was quick to tweet:

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