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Ivanka hails Trump’s ‘surreal walk in DMZ and relentless pursuit to make a safer place’




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On Sunday, Ivanka became one of the few Americans has ever step foot in the demilitarised zone called the between and North .

She had the great opportunity to be there not only as the daughter of American President Donald Trump but apparently she played a major part at the event.

The president’s eldest daughter played a very public role that blended family ties with diplomatic work that, a role usually performed by diplomats, says Washington Post.

Ivanka says the short walk to the other side of one of the ’s most fortified borders “surreal.”

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And she tweeted. “Our President is relentlessly pursuing his commitment to make the world a safer place. Diplomacy is forged through dialogue. Change requires bold thinking. Today was an important step on the path to peace.”

On Sunday, Trump became the first serving president to cross the border into North .

And was a surreal scene as Trump approached , the North Korean leader says: “I never expected to meet you at this place.”

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Another video of Ivanka Trump talking with British Prime Minister Theresa May, French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde at the G-20 also went viral over the weekend, says the paper.

Washington Post believes the presence of Ivanka at the G-20 summit and at the DMZ is not accidental but a sign of her influence with President Trump and the current absence of influential opponents within the administration.

Trump’s daughter shut down her clothing after joining her father in the administration where she and her husband, senior White House adviser Jared Kushner would remain indefinitely.

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