Jacqueline Wong returns to Hong Kong after 8 months of hiding

TVB actress Jacqueline Wong arrived at the Hong Kong airport around 7am on Dec 14

After causing a scandal that shocked the entertainment world, Jacqueline Wong has finally returned to Hong Kong after eight months of hiding in Canada.

TVB actress Jacqueline Wong was at the Hong Kong airport around 7am on Saturday (Dec 14) and gave a brief interview to the waiting media.

She was emotional during the interview, at times shedding tears.

In a video taken by Hong Kong publication Ming Weekly, she said she was happy to finally come home.

The 30-year-old thanked her family, friends, and colleagues for their messages of strength and support during the past few months.

She added that the past eight months, she tried very hard to continue living.

Jacqueline said she heard many speculations about her and she only wants to work hard to live well.

She added that she made a mistake and she is trying really hard to live with it and learn from it. At the same time she feels she needs to move on and she also want to move forward and look forward.

Jacqueline shared that all that she wanted to say and needed to say has been said so she will not talk anymore about the incident.

She came back mainly to see her family as it has been a long time since she met them. She hopes that everyone can give them space and she thanked everyone for their concern.

The actress said she will not respond to questions about work and has not thought about whether or not she will remain in showbiz.

Jacqueline said she is doing much better emotionally, based on an article by Apple Daily Hong Kong.

She did not respond to questions on whether she has contacted ex boyfriend actor Kenneth Ma in the last eight months.

But she said she would be happy to see him again.

According to her, she has been alone during this period to cool down and accept what had happened.

Kenneth Ma reportedly did not visit her in Canada.

Jacqueline did not respond to questions on whether she contacted Andy Hui or Sammi Cheng or if she has apologised to the latter.

Back in April, Jacqueline and Andy were caught on camera kissing and hugging in the backseat of a taxi when they were returning to her home together.

The viral video caused the public to wonder if it would be the end of Andy and Sammi’s five-year marriage.

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這次 ,是我們婚姻中共同重要的一課。這段期間, 我們共同經歷情緒起伏, 我們也就事件詳談很久很深 . 這是夫妻二人之間的一課, 也是往後婚姻路上學習到的一課. 我們在婚姻中走進更深處, 婚姻當中除了彼此給予的幸福溫暖, 當中也深深包含了彼此的錯誤和彼此的原諒. 人誰無過是老生常談,但事實確是如此啊。 在這次中, 重要的, 是更進一步身歷婚姻其中真諦. 幸福不只是一埸埸順利美滿,當中也有試煉, 也一起去經歷高低狀況,讓夫妻之間的感情厚度帶領著前行, 更要彼此走進對方的內心, 一起正視各自的軟弱, 不放棄自己, 不放棄對方,互相糾正, 互相提點, 在婚姻歴煉中, 我深信經歷和教訓一定會幫助重回正軌, 生命更會更生. 這期間在我們彼此都最難捱的時刻, 握著手一起祈禱, 對我們的幫助極大. 今天, 肩上的重擔彷彿輕了很多. 只願一切快平息, 回歸平靜. 最後摯誠請求各大傳媒不要再等候和追訪我年紀老邁行動不便的父母. 沒有更多想表達了,今天以後,就只向前看, 在時間的見證中,繼續一步步前行. ❤️

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Sammi wrote in an Instagram post stating that it was an important lesson in their marriage and that during that time, the couple faced an emotional roller coaster together, discussing the matter at length. It was a lesson for both husband and wife and it’s something they have to learn moving forward. -/TISG