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Jade Rasif loves being on the Covid-19 frontlines, with N95 mask and more

She discloses new job to dispel rumours that she has been selling sex to support herself




Singapore — Local influencer has posted that she has been working at the frontlines for the past four months.

Jade, 26, has been a DJ, actress and YouTube personality. She had initially kept her new job a secret and only her closest friends knew about . Two weeks ago, however, she  posted a photo of herself on wearing an N95 mask and personal protection clothing.

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Do both! ? People seem shook at my igstories but it’s true, I started as a volunteer in April because back then our healthcare sector needed the manpower ASAP. Now that things are finally stable (kudos to everyone for playing their part ?) I’ve stayed on full time because it’s fulfilling to feel valued and respected in the workplace. . I know this pandemic has been tough and many girls like me have lost their jobs + a lot of uni grads can’t find jobs either…If you’re one of them, please beware of companies seeking to take advantage of your naivety and financial situation during this pandemic. I have been approached with advertising offers by 2 such companies this month alone so please believe me when I caution u guys to be wary of promises of fast cash and glamour on social media. Do a full day of research before agreeing to anything, please don’t do something you’re not comfortable with, but don’t be afraid to try new things (you just might like them!) ❤️ Take care and be safe guys!!!!

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Jade told The New Paper recently that she disclosed her new job because there were rumours that she was selling sex to support herself.

She had volunteered with the Singapore Healthcare Corps in April and underwent training before being deployed in May. “I signed up to do logistics and data entry, but they said they needed people to help at the front line. So I said, ‘All right, I’ll do it.’ And now I love my job so much,” she said.

Jade did not give details of her healthcare employer or her specific role. She did mention that she had been deployed to places such as foreign worker dormitories and hotels.

Jade, was the New Face 2013 runner-up, said she was initially afraid of being at the frontlines but changed her mind after going through the careful control procedures.

She plans to pursue a career as a nurse and will sign up for a nursing degree course once the pandemic is over.

The last time she worked as a DJ was on March 13 in a Kuala Lumpur club. She now likes her frontline role more than her previous job. “For the first time in my life, I am good at my job and people treat each other with respect,” she said.

Jade does not regret making the change and she urges others to upskill themselves, too. She used her SkillsFuture credits for a first-aid course recently. She said that the skills came in handy after that when a patient had a bad nosebleed.

“I was able to manage the situation because of my new skills, and so I really encourage everyone to just put themselves out there and upskill,” she said. /TISG



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