Jake Gyllenhaal wants to marry Tom Holland, his Spider-Man co-star

Sometimes the actors become friends, establishing a working relationship that extends behind the scenes.

In Hollywood there are a lot of times where the actors making the movies establish cordial relationships.

At times they decide they don’t like each other and ignite a feud juicy enough to get the tabloids frothing.

Sometimes the actors become friends, establishing a working relationship that extends behind the scenes.

People like Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland forge a bond while filming Spider-Man: Far From Home, creating something special that could last a lifetime.

It looks like Gyllenhaal wants to make it official, especially after their appearance at ACE Comic Con in Chicago.

The Mysterio actor immediately posted the photo they took at their panel, declaring that they would eventually tie the knot and become the world’s hottest celebrity couple.

There have been a lot of discussions surrounding Gyllenhaal’s friendship with Holland and how it helped the veteran actor acclimate to the monstrous machine that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After all, he’s not known for big budget, blockbuster movies.

Instead, Gyllenhaal tends to be featured on character-focused, intensive movies that forgo CGI action sequences. But when it came to Spider-Man: Far From Home, he expressed a genuine love of his co-star and the experience he had making this movie.

“It was genuinely lovely. He puts everything into making Spider-Man great,” Gyllenhaal said in an interview with GQ. He knows how much pressure there is on him and he knows how much people care about that character, and he puts everything physically, emotionally, mentally into it. I think it wasn’t until literally a day ago when he saw the movie finally that he said he could relax.”

Gyllenhaal also explained that Holland gave him a lot of advice when he first joined the MCU.

“He offered me a lot of advice that I needed, and he just constantly was like ‘Yes, that’s exactly how everyone feels when they first start off in this space.’ And we just became friends that way,” Gyllenhaal explained. “I think he admires me, I admire him, both for very different reasons. And as much as actors in press junkets after the fact like to talk about how wonderful the other one was to work with, and who knows if it’s true or not half the time. I really like him a lot as a human being and I enjoy being with him outside of all this stuff so that all went into the movie as well.”