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Jamie Chua introduces part of her jewellery collection, mentions some painful losses




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— Socialite Jamie Chua has spoken about how she “cried for four days” when she misplaced one of a pair of limited edition Cartier earrings at a club event one-and-a-half years ago.

Sharing in a popular (202,000 views) she uploaded on Oct 1 on her channel, Chua introduced part of her jewellery collection for the first time and talked about her passion for jewellery and how is as intense as her love for bags.

The former stewardess shared in the that she has always loved bling since she was young and that jewellery can “make or break an ”.

Jamie Chua says jewellery can make or break an outfit. Picture:
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The online personality said that in order to make the video she had spent the previous day shopping for a jewellery trunk at Louis Vuitton. She hopes to get a jewellery closet with a pink interior in the .

The next morning, Chua arranged some of her favourite pieces in the cases after taking them out from a safe deposit box at the bank. Before she introduced her pieces, she recalled the time she lost one of a pair of Cartier earrings at a club event. The earring was never found.

“That was really painful, I actually cried for four days,” she said. The piece was a limited edition so she had to place a special order with Cartier to replace it. That one earring cost her S$30,000 and the socialite collected it in six to eight months later. Naming her  replacement earring “Pika”, she said Cartier gave her a box with her name embossed on it. This made her feel “a little bit better” about spending S$30,000 to replace the earring.

That was not the first time Chua had misplaced a valuable piece of jewellery, which she said was a “traumatic experience”. She lost an emerald bracelet “many years ago” as well when she attended an event. Although everyone stopped what they were doing to for the bracelet, it was never found.

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“So guys, maybe you should just go to every event that I go to, you may be able to have a treasure hunt,” she joked.

However, the outcome was better on yet another occasion. She lost a “one of a kind” Chopard jewellery watch when she was mingling with at a ball but someone found it and returned it to her. /TISG


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