Asia Singapore Jammin' community celebrates Rock Star Lawrence Wong's selection as PM-Designate

Jammin’ community celebrates Rock Star Lawrence Wong’s selection as PM-Designate

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The local Rock ‘n’ Roll community is celebrating the selection of Minister Lawrence Wong’s selection by the People’s Action Party (PAP) to lead the 4th Generation of its people. With the selection (and if all goes as planned), Wong is all set to become the 4th Prime Minister of Singapore and replace Lee Hsien Loong.

Wong however has to cross several hurdles before he becomes the next Prime Minister of Singapore. He first has to get elected to the PAP Central Executive Committee (CEC), its top decision making body. He was first elected to the CEC in November 2020 and currently, does not hold any Office within the CEC.

Then, he has to get elected by the people of Singapore at the next General Election (GE), and going by recent election outings where Ministers like Ng Chee Meng and Amrin Amin were axed by the voters, that is not a sure thing. He is currently the anchor-Minister for Marsiling-Yew Tee Group Representation Constituency (GRC). His team faced stiff competition from the team at Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) at the 2020 GE, where the SDP team won almost 37 per cent of the votes casted.

Despite these huge hurdles that are before him before Wong becomes the next PM of Singapore, one community is already celebrating his earmarking by the PAP to be its next leader. That is the local Rock ‘n’ Roll community.

Videos and pictures of Wong crooning with his guitar is trending in social media circles of this community.

Lawrence had previously said that he has “always been a big fan of guitars.”

“Growing up, I would spend weekends in music shops to see and try out different guitar models. So last night, I was delighted to visit a new guitar store Heirlooms Music. It has an excellent selection of vintage and handmade guitars, including from Malaysian luthier Jeffrey Yong and our very own guitar-maker Ho Zen Yong, founder of Maestro guitars. Best of all, it’s run by a wonderful team of people with great passion for the instrument, and who hope to inspire Singaporeans through music!”

In one of his earlier blog entries, Wong said: “There was an active Marine Parade Christian Fellowship group which my parents were part of, and I also have an old picture of me playing the guitar in one of their gatherings.”

Celebrating Wong’s elevation to be the next political leader of Singapore, one Facebook user said: “Good to have a Rocker as the next Prime Minister…🎸🇸🇬🥰”

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