Business & EconomyJapan Airlines offering clothes for rental for travelers to the country

Japan Airlines offering clothes for rental for travelers to the country

It looks like people travelling to Japan whether for business or pleasure can opt to not pack any clothes and only come with whatever they are wearing thanks to a collaboration by Japan Airlines and Sumitomo Corp.

The airline is offering clothes for rent in a bid to promote sustainable tourism as well as convenience. Those who want to avail themselves of this facility must select apparel based on size and seasonal needs via a website prior to boarding a Japan Airlines flight. This service will be available until August 2024.

One set of clothes will cost between $28 and $49 and people can rent up to eight outfits for as long as two weeks in three sizes; small, medium and large. Styles range from smart, smart casual and mixed and the outfits will be delivered to the traveler’s hotel.

Japan Airlines: Save aircraft weight

The airline will also calculate the reduction in carbon emissions based on saved aircraft weight.

Sumitomo is responsible for the development of the online reservation system, as well as the procurement, laundry and delivery of clothes.

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According to an Insider report, a spokesperson said, “The purpose of this trial is to verify whether users accept and truly generate environmental value from this concept. If there could be an all-inclusive service that encompasses not only food and accommodation but also clothing, we think that it could create a new form of travel. JAL’s aim is reduction of baggage weight to reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to solving environmental problems.”

Travellers who wish to book the clothes can log on to the Any Wear, Anywhere website for pre-bookings. It is advisable to make bookings one month in advance.

Sumitomo says that if the project is a success it will consider bringing in its other one world carrier partners. These include airlines currently flying to Japan which are American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Malaysia Airlines.

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