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Jay Chou reportedly sends his two children to an international school that costs SGD65k a year




Taiwanese singer Jay Chou loves , just like fellow pop star and the former definitely has the to fund his passion. A Taiwanese media outlet spotted the 41-year-old last week arriving at a basketball game in a new car, an iron-grey that costs over NT$3miliion (SGD140,000). The new ride is one of the ‘cheaper’ cars he owns, as the Mandopop star’s garage has a McLaren Senna, Lamborghini Aventador, a Pagani Huayra, a Mercedes-Benz SLR 722, and a Lamborghini SUV which happens to be a /birthday present from his wife . In total, it is estimated that Jay’s car collection is worth at least NT$600 million (SGD27.8 million).

With the means to splurge on himself, the pop star is also more than willing to spend on his loved ones too. Jay and Hannah have been searching for a good international for their two kids, Hathaway, 5 and Romeo, 3. It is reported that they found one that is unsurprisingly costly. The that they found is Morrison Academy, an international Christian where one of the ’s famous alums includes Taiwanese singer David Tao. The has courses from kindergarten to secondary level and there are no more than 10 students per class at a time.

Mirror Media reported that for each student, annual tuition costs almost NT$700,000 (SGD32, 600) and it includes registration fees. Jay would have to spend about NT$1.4 million (SGD65,000) annually for both Hathaway and Romeo if they want to enrol. It may not be too expensive for a person has a reported net worth of NT$6 billion (SGD279 million). This is not the first time the pop star is in the headlines for international school-hunting endeavours.

Hannah Quinlivan with her kids. Picture:

It was rumoured that in 2017, the father of two signed Hathaway up at the Taipei European school that costs about SGD65,000 annually but it appears that he may have changed his mind (or if the reports were not true, to begin with). Jay and his wife may have agreed to send their to international school but they are not always on the same page when it comes to their parenting styles.

Hannah admitted to being an anxious and strict mother who only feeds her children that is free of salt, oil and seasonings. She only loosened up a bit when she saw a girl around Hathaway’s age enjoying fries. Jay is a more relaxed parent. His wife shared the story of how he tried to calm Hathaway down on a flight by promising her to eat if she behaves. After Hathaway finally slept, Hannah thought that she did not have to give her but Jay insisted on keeping his promise.

It made Hannah angry but she considered what he said in response, “If I say it, I’ll do it.” She realised that it was the right attitude to have in keeping promises. /TISG



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