Jay Chou’s new song viewed over 1 million times in first eight hours

Mandopop singer Jay Chou’s much anticipated new single has hit 1.93 million views in eight hours after it was released on Monday (September 16).

After waiting for three years, this is the new material being released by the popular singer.

The song ‘Won’t Cry’ sees him collaborating with Mayday’s Ashin and the song was released at 11pm, reaching 300,000 views on YouTube in 30 minutes, according to Oriental Daily.

This is the first time Chou and Ashin are collaborating. The song was written by Chou.

Fans were delighted with the new song, with many praising the collaboration.

“I am deeply touched. Both are my favourite singers,” a fan wrote while another wrote that the wait was finally over.

“Some more collaborate with Ashin. They sang to my heart.”

Other fans also expressed surprise with the collaboration.

It was previously reported that Chou had announced the release of the new song on his Instagram which duly got his fans into a frenzy.

Chou’s last album Jay Chou’s Bedtime Stories was released in 2016.

The singer is set to perform at Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Malaysia on 29 Feb, as part of the singer-songwriter’s eighth concert tour, which will celebrate the multi award-winning performer’s 20 years in the music business.

Before his date with Malaysia, Chou will be performing for two nights in Singapore on 10 and 11 January.

Chou last performed in Malaysia in January last year, before returning again in October to accompany his wife Hannah Quinlivan, who was shooting a movie on location in Malaysia.

Tencent’s online music platform QQ Music crashed on Monday night shortly after it exclusively released a single from Chinese singer Jay Chou, Sina Tech reported.

Less than an hour into the single’s release, its page on QQ Music only displayed a message stating “an error has occurred, please tap the screen to retry.”

The single, priced as RMB 3, sold more than 2.4 million copies within an hour of the release. As of Tuesday morning, users have purchased more than 5 million copies.