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Jay Chou’s wife is a self-proclaimed “kiasu” mum

The 26-year-old opened up about her personal life again in an appearance on a variety show.




, a Taiwanese-Australian actress seems to have gotten all figured out.

She is married to Mandopop king and they tied the knot when she was 21. She shares two beautiful children with Chou and she is doing well in her career, debuting her Hollywood career in 2018 and starting a few business ventures. Although does all sound like good news, not everything is as rosy as is pictured.

Hannah has revealed about her issues in marriage and motherhood in the past. Some of it included wanting to be known as more than just the wife of a popular star and also feeling the FOMO when seeing her friends going out to party. The 26-year-old opened up about her personal life again in an appearance on variety show Middle Me. Hannah shared that she can be a ‘control freak mother’ to her children Hathaway and Romeo sometimes.

The actress said that she feels ‘very insecure’ when it comes to her kids, Hathaway, 5 and Romeo, 3. Hannah is afraid that she is not giving them her best as a mother. “I just feel the need to arrange everything for them and hope that everything is within my control,” she explained. For example, she writes up a detailed schedule so that every family member knows what the kids should be doing at a certain time, and if things don’t go according to plan, such as the little ones not being in bed after 8.30pm, she will start to get anxious.

Jay Chou spends time with his family. Picture:Instagram

Fans appeared to sympathise with Hannah and praised her for being such a dedicated parent. “All mothers are the same, they want to give their babies the best,” wrote one, while another mused, “Although I don’t have kids yet, I completely understand her behaviour.”

Hannah shared about being afraid before her to Chou in 2015. “I think most women have that fear when they’re preparing to get married,” she said. “I kept asking myself, ‘Is this really happening? Am I about to enter the next stage of my life?’” Again, she hoped that everything would be within her control and that there would be no mistakes.

Hannah also believes her decision to get married at such a young age may have something to do with her own family background. “My parents separated when I was very young, so I am very afraid of being alone,” she said. “I have virtually no recollection of my mum and dad being together, so I’ve always wanted to have my own family early to make up for what I thought were areas in my life that are filled with regret.” /TISG



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