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Jealous married woman cuts off penis of the man she was having an with for flirting with others




A married woman in Keonjhar, mutilated the man she was having an with, after she discovered that he had allegedly been talking to other on the phone.

In a jealous rage, 24-year-old Kamla Patra lured Rajendra Nayak to her home under the guise of wanting to give him to buy a bike. When Nayak arrived, he was allegedly seized by Patra and a friend proceeded to cut off his penis.

The victim managed to stumble out of the house, where he was spotted by neighbours quickly called services to the scene. Speaking to reporters from the , Nayak added that Patra and her friend wanted to him as well:

“They were also trying to kill me because they throttled me too. Somehow, I dragged myself away from the house and was seen by neighbours who immediately called the services.”

remains unclear whether Nayak’s manhood has been reattached and if so, whether the organ has regained its full function.

investigations are ongoing.



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