Entertainment Jennifer Lopez used another singer’s voice on ‘Get Right’

Jennifer Lopez used another singer’s voice on ‘Get Right’

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In showbiz, you cannot believe everything you see or hear. Jennifer Lopez had her hit single Get Right released back in 2005. It was a popular song back then and it still is. Even in the music video, J.Lo had some serious dance moves and sexy costumes. The silver and gray outfit with the cap in the music video made J.Lo look really cool.

What nobody really knew was that J.Lo used another singer to sing the chorus. The iconic “We can get riiiight, get riiiight” part was actually sung by a background singer named Y’Anna Crawley. The name is familiar to gospel fans who know Y’Anna as the Season 2 winner of BET’s Sunday Best. She recently shared about recording with J.Lo during a recent YouTube episode of The Terrell Show.

Jennifer Lopez’s song, Get Right was not fully sung by her. Picture:Instagram

Y’Anna sang the hook of Get Right and she said that it was her in the background, her voice singing that part. The shocked Terelle asked if it is not on the actual record in which Y’Anna replied that it is on the record that it was her singing that song. “I’m doing all her backgrounds on that song,” Y’Anna added.


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Terell then confessed that he “knew it wasn’t J.Lo” because her tone was different from Y’Anna’s and also “people don’t sing their backgrounds all the time.” In relation to that, singers often use background singers in the studio and during live performances. There are also some singers like Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Freddie Mercury and David Bowie who have been known to sing their own background vocals for their songs.

Y’Anna said that it was her big check and when she got the check, she said, “Oh, this is what you get for singing background? I bought my first big diamond with that check. Like a diamond ring. It was nice, too.” Netizens were blown away by the revelation:


Others said Y’Anna is the main reason why they even like the chorus:

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