Jerry Yan and co-star’s age gap is causing backlash

"If apologies were useful, why would we still need the police?" Yan said.

While his former lover, Taiwanese model Lin Chi-ling is getting hitched this coming weekend, Jerry Yan is finding it hard to meet girls and is still single.

42-year-old Yan is acting in an upcoming Chinese series called Count Your Lucky Stars.

Yan acts as an editor who woos a designer which is played by Shen Yue, a Chinese actress.

After kissing accidentally, their fortunes change.

What is irking netizens is that Shen is only 22 and the 20-year age difference is an issue.

Netizens suggested that Yan and Shen play uncle and niece, which is more acceptable and believable instead of lovers when the shooting began in July.

Some fans are okay that Yan still looks good for his age but are still uncomfortable with the age gap.

In early November, the trailer for Count Your Lucky Stars was released and the issue of the age gap surfaced again.

This negativity is a downer for Yan who is returning to acting after injuring his anterior cruciate ligament at a game of basketball back in December 2016.

Yan’s fans call him a ‘vampire’ because he seems to have maintained his looks since Meteor Garden.

“So, time has stopped for Jerry Yan? I see that the world is full of vampires. It feels like this is just his next drama after Meteor Garden. He looks just the same,” a Twitter user wrote after watching the trailer.

Taiwanese boy band F4 together with Yan became popular in 2001 because of Meteor Garden.

There is a line in his new drama that says: “If apologies were useful, why would we still need the police?” which reminds them of the same line Yan’s character Dao Ming Si used in Meteor Garden.

Nostalgia is also celebrated with the casting of Shen who played the female lead in the 2018 remake of Meteor Garden.

As for Yan, he is not counting his lucky stars when it comes to romance in real life.

Lin and Yan dated in 2000 but broke up six years later. The model is marrying Japanese actor-singer Akira this weekend.

Yan was reportedly sad when he heard about the marriage.

Model Seanna Chang, who is Yan’s ex said that Yan confessed that Lin is the only woman in his heart.