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Joey Meng still looks young at 50




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Hong Kong actress, beauty queen and Joey Meng just turned 50 and she looks ‘ageless’. Joey put up a on various platforms to celebrate her , wishing herself well and showing what graceful ageing looks like.

Her youthful looks naturally garnered comments calling her both a ‘goddess’ and ‘vampire’ who never ages. The reason why Joey was called a ‘vampire’ is that she played the lead actress in hit Hong Kong drama, My Date With A Vampire, circa 1998.

Joey Meng still looks youthful after all these years. Picture: Instagram

The drama is about a love story between a vampire Kuang Tianyou and spunky ghostbuster Ma Xiaoling, played by Joey. The memorable role cemented her place in classic canon from the 1990s, at a time when the medium was at its peak globally.

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Joey posted a video teasing her with her trademark 109cm legs. Her official is October 2, 1970. On Oct. 18, Meng posted her video wishing herself happy according to the calendar.

She wrote: “Today is my lunar birthday, happy birthday to me.�

In the video, she said in Cantonese: “Some say, a woman at 18 is at her best age… but, I feel, regardless of one’s age, the present age is still the best age. A woman is at her best age not when she is 18 and at the prime of her , nor is at 30 when she is mature, but is when she is at her most confident self.�

The video ended with the caption: “1970 50 = 2020. Happy birthday to me�. She regularly posts photos and videos of herself on social , showing how she has resisted ageing over the years.

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Born on October 2, 1970, Joey Meng Yee-man is a Hong Kong actress, model and beauty spokesperson. She originally worked for ATV, but later moved over to TVB.

After middle-school, Joey participated in the 1989 Miss Pageant and emerged as first runner-up. She joined Hong Kong television station ATV on a contract that year. Joey is best known for her role as “Ma Siu-ling� in the My Date with a Vampire television series trilogy. In August 2000, she married Chan Sap-sam (the screenwriter of the My Date with a Vampire trilogy) in the after dating for about four months.

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