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Joey Meng still looks young at 50




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actress, beauty queen and Joey Meng just turned 50 and she looks ‘ageless’. Joey put up a on various platforms to celebrate her birthday, wishing herself well and showing fans what graceful ageing looks like.

Her youthful looks naturally garnered comments calling her both a ‘goddess’ and ‘vampire’ who never ages. The reason why Joey was called a ‘vampire’ is that she played the lead actress in hit Hong Kong drama, My Date With A Vampire, circa 1998.

Joey Meng still looks youthful after all these years. Picture: Instagram

The drama is about a love story between a vampire Kuang Tianyou and spunky ghostbuster Ma Xiaoling, played by Joey. The memorable role cemented her place in classic canon from the 1990s, at a time when the medium was at its peak globally.

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Joey posted a birthday video teasing her fans with her trademark 109cm legs. Her official birthday is October 2, 1970. On Oct. 18, Meng posted her video wishing herself happy birthday according to the calendar.

She wrote: “Today is my lunar birthday, happy birthday to me.�

In the video, she said in Cantonese: “Some say, a woman at 18 is at her best age… but, I feel, regardless of one’s age, the age is still the best age. A woman is at her best age not when she is 18 and at the of her , nor is at 30 when she is mature, but is when she is at her most confident self.�

The video ended with the caption: “1970 50 = . Happy birthday to me�. She regularly posts photos and videos of herself on , showing how she has resisted ageing over the years.

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Born on October 2, 1970, Joey Meng Yee-man is a Hong Kong actress, model and beauty spokesperson. She originally worked for ATV, but later moved over to TVB.

After middle-, Joey participated in the 1989 Miss Pageant and emerged as first runner-up. She joined Hong Kong television station ATV on a contract that year. Joey is best known for her role as “Ma Siu-ling� in the My Date with a Vampire television series trilogy. In August 2000, she married Chan Sap-sam (the screenwriter of the My Date with a Vampire trilogy) in the after for about four months.

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