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Representative Mike Johnson slams Pres. Biden’s border policies and his handling of the migrant crisis. In his first speech as the top lawmaker in the chamber, Johnson urged the White House to take decisive action rather than relying on Congress for solutions.

In a half-hour address, Johnson slams and accuses Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of orchestrating the current border chaos, describing it as a “catastrophe” that threatens the very fabric of American society. Johnson asserted that the President is attempting to shift blame onto Congress for a crisis he claims was intentionally designed by the administration.

Border policies in chaos

“President Biden wants to somehow try to shift the blame to Congress for his administration’s catastrophe by design. It’s absolutely laughable. No one’s falling for this.”

With Senate negotiators racing to finalize a long-awaited border deal, Johnson and House Republicans are pushing back, emphasizing that Biden should take immediate action using the executive tools before seeking new legislation. Johnson referred to the impending agreement as the “so-called border security deal” and warned it would be “dead on arrival” if certain rumored provisions, such as the power to halt migration after 5,000 daily illegal crossings, prove accurate.

In his impassioned speech, Johnson recounted a conversation with a border patrol official during a January visit to Eagle Pass, Texas. The official likened their situation to “administering an open fire hydrant” and pleaded for action to “turn off the flow.”

The House Homeland Security Committee recently advanced two articles of impeachment against Mayorkas, accusing him of a “willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law” and a “breach of trust.” Despite the Department of Homeland Security dismissing the move as “political games,” Johnson affirmed that the House would swiftly move forward with the articles.

“It’s long overdue. But Secretary Mayorkas is only part of the problem,” Johnson concluded. As the border debate intensifies, the nation watches closely to see how the Biden administration will respond to the mounting pressure.

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