Michael B. Jordan was involved in a collision in Hollywood, California, on Saturday night, as confirmed by Page Six. The LAPD disclosed that the incident happened around 11:34 p.m. on a busy segment of Sunset Boulevard, describing it as a “traffic collision involving a vehicle hitting a parked vehicle.”

Upon arrival, authorities found no indications of anything suspicious or evidence of driving under the influence. They didn’t administer a field sobriety test to the 36-year-old actor and made no arrests. Post the accident, information was exchanged between parties, and no charges were pressed, as per LAPD.

Photo: Instagram/Michael B Jordan

Significant damage to Jordan’s Ferrari

TMZ obtained images revealing significant damage to Jordan’s blue luxury car, with the right fender torn off, and one tire, equipped with gold rims, located yards away from the vehicle post-impact. The parked blue Kia displayed dents and hanging metal scraps on its left side due to Jordan’s car hitting it. Fragments of metal from Jordan’s vehicle were found on the ground near the Kia.

It remains uncertain if the other driver was inside the vehicle or present during the crash. TMZ reported that when asked by an officer at the scene, Jordan opted not to provide an explanation for the incident. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries aside from the damages to both vehicles. Police directed the “Wakanda Forever” star to complete a police report online.

Unhurt and composed

Representatives for Jordan didn’t promptly respond to requests for comments from Page Six. A video obtained by TMZ showed Jordan conversing with the police alongside an unidentified friend on the sidewalk after the accident, both appearing unhurt and composed at the time.

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