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A great display awaits you in Paris in 2024 during the Olympic Games, where the artistic swimming competition promises to be more exciting than before. This event aims to combine the elegance of artistic swimming with a revolutionary breakthrough, with three significant modifications planned.

Paris 2024 is more than just a competition; it’s a platform for creativity that will push the limits of athletics and artistry to unprecedented heights. This is the most important event of the Games; therefore, don’t miss this pivotal moment in the history of artistic swimming.

What comes with artistic swimming

  • The team competition now includes an acrobatic routine.
  • Two male swimmers can be included on teams.
  • At Paris 2024, a new scoring system will be used.

In a radical change, the Olympics have adopted a scoring system that has been in use at the World Championships in Fukuoka since 2023, drastically changing the results landscape.

At the current Doha 2024 World Championships, which are taking place from February 2 to February 18, the effects of this alteration are evident. Notably, the People’s Republic of China, Ukraine, and the USA, which placed third and fourth in the acrobatic routine category, respectively, did not receive a base mark. an article from mentioned.

After starting the preliminary round in third place, Mexico experienced an unexpected turn of events where they finished with two base marks and finished in tenth place. The medal table is changing as a result of this new scoring paradigm, and the competition is becoming more dynamic than it has previously been.

Base marks are essential elements of the gymnastics scoring system that act as a foundation for regular evaluation. They stand for the complexity and skill with which athletes execute the many parts.

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