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Justin and Hailey Bieber go fishing

The eight episode of The Biebers on Watch features the star couple fishing in the pond of their Canadian home




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Justin and Hailey Bieber go fishing in the new instalment of the pair’s The Biebers on Watch saga, which aired on Wednesday (20 May). The eighth episode the couple fishing in the pond of their Canadian home. Justin mentions on the show that Hailey is not really good at fishing. Hailey then retorts that she tags along to ensure the fish do not get hurt but are instead returned to their habitat. Justin shared that he wakes up early and goes to the pond to get inspired to make . He then goes back home to create .

The singer gave some advice on fishing as he cast his net into the pond though nothing came up except for seaweed. Hailey said that there is a lynx, muskrat, fox and a couple of toads on the property. Spoiler alert: Justin nearly catches a small fish later. Justin and Hailey also speak about their love and their appreciation for one another in that episode.  Recalling his younger days, Justin talked about the annual fishing derby and how his buddy hacked the competition by filling his catch with gravel and admitted that was neither nice nor was fair.

Hailey Bieber is not much of a fisherwoman. Picture:

Hailey spoke about going to Girl Scout Camp and dance camp. Her parents did not allow her to attend sleep-away camp. As for the ‘’ singer, he joined a sleep-away camp named Hidden Acres, including a basketball camp plus a Moms Camp when he was 10. The Moms Camp had activities like macaroni necklaces and duckie dip in the icy lake every morning. The punishment for eating with your elbows on the table at Moms Camp was standing on your chair and singing about your impolite manners.

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The Biebers on Watch is about the lives of Justin and Hailey Bieber as they spend time in isolation during the . also features their romance and in newer episodes, both of them are seen playing Jenga as well as giving each other a makeover.

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