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K-pop rapper faces backlash for using George Floyd’s final words in song

Things started to look bad when Kim uploaded a freestyle song on sampling Floyd's final moments as he said, "I can't breathe".




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Kim Hyun-Woong, a rapper from K-pop group  faced backlash after launching a song that sampled the audio of George Floyd’s death. The death of George Floyd revived the movement recently when Floyd was killed because of police brutality. At first, 2Z was commended by global fans for uploading a photo on June 1 showing the group kneeling in support of the movement.

However, things started to look bad when Kim uploaded a freestyle song on sampling Floyd’s final moments as he said, “I can’t breathe”. Netizens condemned the move calling “beyond disgusting” and “disturbing”. The K-pop rapper has since removed the track and apologised on Stories where he said that he regretted his actions.

’s really my fault that there’s a George Floyd sampling on the song”.

2Z’s asked the public to not blame the group for his own mistakes. Picture:Instagram

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“Since I was young, I love black people, hip-hop, and basketball. I am reflecting on what I did. I am acknowledging my wrongdoings. “Sorry, I really respect and love the black community,” Kim wrote. He also asked netizens not to lash out at his group members for his mistake. 2Z’s label stated on media to clear the air and said that Kim had released the track without the management or members’ approval.

“The company (Gogo2020) and 2Z’s four other members would like to express their deep regret over the posted on (Kim’s) personal profile.“Since no one at the company was aware of (Kim’s) upload of his self-made music content posted on his personal page, we feel deeply responsible for the late reaction and apologise.“(Kim) himself regrets his thoughtless actions and is reflecting on himself,” read the statement, based on translations from Twitter user @worldwide2z.

On Twitter, the response to Kim’s apology has received divided reactions with some accepting it and some against it. /TISG

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