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Kangaroo Knocks Cyclist off Bike on Australia Day




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On Friday, January 26, which also happens to be Day, a kangaroo suddenly jumped from the bush and knocked a cyclist over, causing the cyclist to fall from her bike. The website news.com.au posted a of the surprise collision, which happened at a quiet road in Queensland.

The cyclist, only identified as “Rebecca,” had been out on a ride with six other in the Boonah Region. The her riding down the road when a kangaroo leaped out all of a sudden, knocking her down completely. The kangaroo, unhurt, then scampered away to the other side of the road.

One of Rebecca’s companions filmed the surprising incident.

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Another one of Rebecca’s , Helen, told news.com.au,“After we crested a hill, about 30km/h into the ride, we slowed for others to catch up. Two of also saw kangaroos on both sides of the road. The ones on the left hopped away, the one on the right waited to join its mob.”

The one on the right then jumped, and collided into Rebecca. She was brought by an ambulance to the , where she was treated for injuries to her knee and right arm. The injuries were not so serious however that she could not joke about the incident. Her friends said that by the next day Rebecca was laughing ruefully about and was concerned about work due to her injuries.

Australian netizens had a field day with the video of the collision, with some expressing their ire for cyclists


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Others showed concern for the marsupial

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