EntertainmentCelebrityKanye West Shockingly Spoils New Wife With Balenciaga Items

Kanye West Shockingly Spoils New Wife With Balenciaga Items

Right before Balenciaga’s massive scandal, their association with rapper and designer Kanye West has also hurt the brand’s image. West was fired from Balenciaga after a series of anti-semitic tweets caused widespread outrage. 

Balenciaga, the renowned French luxury fashion house with deep roots in Spanish heritage, has faced backlash due to its controversial photoshoots involving minors. The brand has faced severe criticism for perpetuating the objectification of children in the fashion industry. 

The tweets were deemed offensive and insensitive, and Balenciaga quickly distanced itself from West. The situation has led many to question the brand’s ethical values and priorities, further damaging its reputation.

Kanye West still buying Balenciaga? 

According to TMZ, Kanye West and his alleged new wife Bianca Censori recently went on a shopping spree at Balenciaga. Despite his previous call for other celebrities to cut ties with the label, West continues to support the brand and was spotted browsing the store with his spouse. The couple was seen at the Beverly Hills location on Rodeo Drive, where they emerged with multiple shopping bags.

West was dressed in a black puffer coat and a tank top featuring the coat of arms of the German Reich, a symbol that was used before the swastika by Nazi Germany. His wife wore an orange fur coat paired with black knee-high boots. The couple’s fashion choices received attention and sparked discussions on social media.

Netizens react to the whole ordeal 

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A video of Kanye and Bianca were seen placing greyish shopping bags wrapped in grey ribbon on to the back seat of a black SUV. Thus far, Balenciaga is the only brand that has such packaging. Each luxury brand would tend to stick to a specific colour reflecting their brand identity.  

A netizen claimed that he was laid off from his work due to wearing Kanye West’s Yeezy branded shoes. Apparently his boss did not like the fact that he was wearing them and immediately brought it up to human resources. We do not know if this comment is satire or true. 

It seems that a number of people are stating that it is Kanye’s choice if he still wants to shop at Balenciaga or not. He is a grown man and has the right to choose which fashion house he would like to be a patron of. Netizens are stating that a person’s choice to purchase a product should not affect other people. 

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