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Khloe Kardashian talks about lockdown life

Khloe said that life under quarantine has made her reset and rearrange her priorities to include spending more time with her daughter True




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, 36 recently shared about how the is affecting her lifestyle as a mother to her two-year-old daughter . The reality star shares True with NBA player , 29. Kardashian got candid with Dr. Travis Stork, 48 on his podcast The Travis Stork Show, in a clip shared exclusively with DailyMail.com. Kardashian shared that life under quarantine has made her reset and rearrange her priorities including spending more time with True.

“The values in my day are so much more meaningful,” the star explained. “Like being able to be with my daughter so much more than I normally am.” Kardashian said that she has had to re-adjust her workout schedule, saying: “Even still, I work out before she wakes up, like reprioritising, I still like to have as much time with her.”

Khloe Kardashian has to readjust her schedule due to the lockdown. Picture:Instagra,

Kardashian also said that the has meant finally making her own choices when comes to her schedule, explaining: “For me, I would almost work until I would get sick, or I would just work nonstop, and every minute of my day was utilized, but not necessarily doing what I wanted to do.”

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“I would be competing with my own self, trying to get the best out of everyday, with all of this [lockdown] you go to a screeching halt, and you’re like, ‘OK, life still goes on!’ I’m still great, I’m still doing all these things.” Although Kardashian has an enviable figure, she admitted to indulging in comfort while under lockdown.

“Well I don’t make healthy food!” she explained. “I’m big on fried chicken and mac’n’cheese, or I make this amazing breaded crusted chicken, that I love,” adding that she has now finally found more time to cook herself.

Also in the interview, she revealed her best parenting advice telling Dr. Travis that ‘consistency is key’ saying: “They love routine, the sense of security my daughter gets knowing when she is going to eat, when she has bath time – she doesn’t have to cry and wonder if something is going to happen. They crave routine and some kind of repetition.

She also recommended putting down your smart phone and making sure you’re in the moment as a parent saying: “It’s also good to be as as possible because [the time] flies, it really does.”

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