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Kid fails to understand how whistles work, does this instead. Video makes people say his way is ‘correct’

A video of a kid trying to understand how whistles work has turned into a source of entertainment for many on Instagram.

The adorably hilarious video shows the kid’s grandma showing him how whistles work. Shared on the Instagram page GoodNews Movement, the video may leave you happy.

“He doesn’t understand why his blowing of the whistle is incorrect, the sweetest and purest thing you’ll see today,” reads the caption posted along with the video. The video opens to show the grandma telling the kid to blow the whistle, instead, the little one makes a beeping sound.

The video was posted 12 hours ago. Since being shared, the clip has accumulated more than 9.9 lakh views and the numbers are only increasing.

The wonderful share has also collected close to 43,000 likes. People posted various comments to react to the video with some saying how the kid’s way is the ‘correct’ one.

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“Bro!! I would be rolling laughing. The innocence of children. nothing like it!,” shared an Instagram user. “Or maybe the way the rest of us are doing it is wrong,” suggested another. “I think his way is just perfect.,” supported a third.

“That’s the only way I do it. Don’t ask me to whistle, I would sound it out,” joked a fourth. “So lovely,” wrote a fifth.

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