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Kim Kardashian on caring for Kanye West when he had COVID-19




Reality star Kim Kardashian spoke to GRAZIA about caring for her husband when he contracted . Kim revealed that she had no help at that time and that “changing his sheets with gloves and a face shield was a really scary time.”

According to Kim, “Kanye had it way at the beginning when nobody really knew what was going on. It was so scary and unknown.” The couple were alone in their home with four kids without anyone else to help out. Kim had to take care of Kanye singlehandedly.

“I had to go and change his sheets and help him get out of bed when he wasn’t feeling good,” she said. “It was a challenge because it was so unknown…Changing his sheets with gloves and a face shield was really a scary time.”

The rapper has since recovered from the virus and the couple are working on their relationship. Back in August, a source told People that “Kim still seems focused on making her work. She is pretty quiet about her exact plans for the , but for now, she seems okay with Kanye living in Wyoming. He is moving ahead with the presidential campaign. This is a decision that no one can change his mind about.”

Kim Kardashian appeared on the cover of GRAZIA. Picture:

In other news, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went on a romantic date night last month at a friend’s backyard and this had tongues waggling.

Kim Kardashian took the opportunity to dispel  that she was on the verge of with husband Kanye West.

Kim, 39 went on Instagram Stories to share photos and videos of the wedding. She posted photos from the , including a shot of a ‘rare’ cocktail and a photo of her and 43-year-old Kanye’s shoes with the caption, ‘Date night.’

The duo’s romantic night out put to rest the rumours that Kim was facing an impending from her husband of six years. The reality star did not show her husband’s face in the photos but only showed his shoes in her postings.




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