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Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Chang Wook’s chemistry sets the stage for ‘

The drama’s producers revealed: “Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung have such great chemistry that the simple act of making eye contact with each other makes them laugh".




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Things have been quiet since the finale of The King: Eternal Monarch was aired last week. But fret not, there is a new drama that will replace on SBS called .

Healer actor Ji Chang-wook and Love in the Moonlight actress Kim Yoo-jung act in this romantic comedy. Choi Dae-hyun (Chang-wook) a convenience store manager and Jung Saet-byul (Yoo-jung) a part-time employee falls in love.

Backstreet Rookie also Han Sun-hwa as Yoo Yeon-joo, Dae-hyun’s girlfriend and Do Sang-woo as Jo Seung-joon, the convenience store owner’s son. Speaking to Soompi, Chang-wook shared about his first time acting with Yoo-jung and that their relationship is like . They had fun filming together. Chang-wook said that there were many times in the drama that occur before Dae-hyun and Saet-Byul start to trust each other.

’s a very bright and warm comedy. will portray the affection and love between people meet in a convenience store. I think it’s a drama of laughter, empathy, and communication. You’ll be able to enjoy it as you wrap up the week,” Chang-wook added.

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On the other hand, Yoo-jung gushed about her chemistry with Chang-wook, sharing with Soompi, “Choi Dae-hyun is someone makes Jung Saet-byul more active. They get along well like . Maybe that’s why we were able to naturally portray the pleasant and fun atmosphere.”

plays as a part-time employee at a convenience store. Picture:

The drama’s producers revealed: “ and Kim Yoo Jung have such great chemistry that the simple act of making eye contact with each other makes them laugh. Please look forward to finding out how the extraordinary first encounter between Choi Dae Hyun and Jung Saet Byul will lead to their current relationship as owner and part-time employee of a convenience store.”

Yoo-jung added that the drama comforts and gives laughter to those who are tired of their lives and that viewers will enjoy the show. She hopes that viewers will enjoy the drama with their loved ones. Apink member and Reply 1997 star Jung Eun-ji will make a cameo appearance in the drama.

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Backstreet Rookie premieres on June 19, 2020. /TISG

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