Home Celebrity Korean demand Ilhoon's immediate removal from BTOB due to marijuana scandal

Korean fans demand Ilhoon’s immediate removal from BTOB due to marijuana scandal

The Korean fans said that the agency can fulfil its true role by removing Ilhoon from the group as soon as possible




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Manila, Dec. 23 — fans are demanding that singer Jung Ilhoon be immediately expelled from boy band BTOB for using marijuana.

The 26-year-old singer was investigated by the after they determined that he used marijuana several times with acquaintances from four to five years ago until last year based on the statements of his accomplices and account tracking.

The police handed the case to the prosecution last July and recommended that he and his accomplices be charged with violating Korea’s Narcotics Control Act.

Ilhoon allegedly converted 100 million won (about $90,340 or P4.34 million) in cash to cryptocurrency to buy marijuana over a period of four to five years to avoid detection. He enlisted in the on May 28 this year amid the police investigation and is currently a public service worker.

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The BTOB gallery on the fan community website Inside issued an official position on Dec. 22 calling for his immediate expulsion from the group.

They stated that Korean media reported on Dec. 21 about Ilhoon being caught by the police for the and was investigated.

Cube , BTOB’s agency, said that after checking with Ilhoon, was confirmed that he was summoned by the police for marijuana.

On May 27, or a day before his enlistment, Ilhoon wrote to fans on to say that “actually, the reason I wrote these words was to announce my enlistment. I also feel sorry for not interacting much with you during the past break,” according to Osen.

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The Korean fans stated that when Ilhoon posted this on Instagram, he did not say anything about the police investigation.

“This is a deceptive for the fans who have been supporting them since their debut in 2012, and for any reason, is completely unacceptable,” the fans said and strongly urged Cube Entertainment to remove him from BTOB.

The Korean fans said that the agency can fulfil its true role by removing Ilhoon from the group as soon as possible.

They added that fans have no reason to a singer who is accused of using drugs and hoped that Ilhoon will not damage BTOB’s reputation.

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The fans warned that if Ilhoon is not removed from BTOB, they will not buy or accept BTOB’s in the .For any query with respect to this article or any other content requirement, please contact Editor at contentservices@htlive.comManila Bulletin

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