UncategorizedKylie Jenner gets trolled for her “3-minute” flights

Kylie Jenner gets trolled for her “3-minute” flights

There are the privileged among us who can’t be bothered to be stuck in traffic jams and would rather take a flight instead, even if it is for three minutes!

Yes, you heard right, Kylie Jenner takes a plane when traffic is bad even when it is just for a couple of minutes. In fact the supermodel and billionaire is facing brickbats over the use of her private jet as receipts show her taking flights across town that at most would take 40 minutes in a car.

The height of spoilt doesn’t begin to cover it and criticism against her is mounting ever since she posted a photo on Instagram on July 15 of her and rapper Travis Scott hugging near their respective planes and a Rolls Royce in the background.

“You wanna take mine or yours,” reads the caption in the photo.

Comments quickly followed as people hit back at Jenner’s ostentatious display of wealth, while also commenting on the total lack of environmental awareness.

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“Why do I have to limit my meat consumption and use paper straws while the 1% gets to pump tons of carbon into the atmosphere for a day trip to Palm Springs?”  was one such comment.

This was soon followed by Twitter unveiling her flight history, showing how she had a habit of taking ridiculously short flights.

She apparently takes flights that are regularly less than 15 minutes and in one instance even took a trip from Camarillo to Van Nuys which took about three minutes.

Jenner bought a private jet which she named Kylie Air just before the pandemic hit for $72.8 million. A jet of this nature easily emits over two tons of CO2 and is five to 14 times more polluting than a commercial plane.

Jenner has not yet responded to the backlash and brickbats. It looks like when your head is up in the clouds it isn’t that easy to relate.

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