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Kylie Jenner gifts daughter USD12,000 Hermes backpack for first day of school




Kylie Jenner is known as a reality star, , mogul and a possible (based on report which was later retracted).

Kylie shares a two-year-old daughter with named Stormi. was Stormi’s first day of home (as there is still a going on). Like so many children on back-to-school morning, little Stormi posed for a photo wearing her backpack, ready to go to her first day of class. However, unlike so many children on back-to-school morning, Stormi’s backpack was a USD12,000 Hermes Kelly Ado bag.

Stormi’s mother, Kylie shared a shot of the luxury bag on her Instagram story. Netizens then tweeted how they felt about Stormi and the bag.

@jflowers_96 wrote: First day of homeschool and stormi got her Kelly backpack on, I hate being poor.

@malaika8607 wrote: Wait is that an Hermes backpack for Stormi’s first day? And why am I so surprised?

Joanna13_ wrote: I know Kylie did not send Stormi in a f***king Birkin backpack Lmfao my hating ass

Stormi may be a very fortunate child.

_partofj wrote: Stormi on her way to school with her Hermes backpack. She will never know about a Jansport.

But she is just two years old!

cinibunss wrote: Stormi wearing a Hermes back pack for the first day of school. She’s 2.

Some commenters wondered whether there were better possible ways to spend USD12,000 than buying a a designer bag.

OhhhEmely wrote: Stormi’s backpack alone could probably help me pay off some loans.
While others were just openly jealous of Stormi.
Angelicfatmah wrote: Hey @KylieJenner can you buy me a Hermes bag just like you did for stormi okay bye
And, of course, some people just had jokes about the whole situation:
lilthanngg wrote: stormi going to her first day of home school with a Hermes backpack!!! She is either extremely or she wanted a trolls backpack.

Stormi may just be a two-year-old but she already owns a backpack that costs more than most people’s credit card bills and loans.

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first day of schooooool ??

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