In an exclusive Sunday interview, Mitch Landrieu, the national co-chair of the Biden campaign, unleashed a scathing critique of former President Trump. Landrieu emphatically declared that Trump, facing a staggering 91 felony counts across four separate courts, should be kept at least 100 miles away from the White House.

“Can you name anyone, especially someone vying for the presidency, with 91 felony counts in four courts nationwide, all brought forth by an independent legal system? There’s nobody in America,” Landrieu asserted. He went on to insist that the former president should be nowhere near the corridors of power.

Landrieu, who was pivotal in implementing President Biden’s landmark infrastructure bill, hinted that the Biden campaign is gearing up to spotlight Trump’s legal entanglements. This includes the recent $83.3 million verdict handed down by a New York jury in the defamation case brought by E. Jean Carroll.

Landrieu into high gear

As the Biden campaign shifts into high gear for what they anticipate to be a protracted general election season, Landrieu’s comments underscore the strategy to hone in on Trump’s legal woes. Despite former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley securing 17 delegates compared to Trump’s 32, out of 1,215 delegates for the party nomination, she lags significantly in national polling averages.

The recent New Hampshire primary, considered one of Haley’s prime opportunities to assert dominance in the race, saw her performing admirably but falling 11 points short of Trump’s lead.

In the interview, Landrieu expressed confidence that the American public would perceive the 2024 election as a stark choice between President Biden and what he labeled as “the Republican Party of Donald Trump.” He asserted that this version of the GOP is unrecognizable to those who once supported iconic figures such as Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Mitt Romney, or Liz Cheney.

As the political landscape unfolds, Landrieu’s stark warning against a potential Trump comeback sets the stage for what promises to be a contentious and closely watched presidential race.

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