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Late singer-actress Goo Hara’s mother opens up about inheritance controversy

She denies being interested in the money but admits that she has neglected her responsibility as a mother




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Seoul — There seems to be no end yet to the surrounding the family of the late singer-actress regarding her financial assets.

Goo Hara committed last November and since then there has been disagreement regarding the . She was 28.

Her mother recently appeared for the first time in an interview with JTBC’s Spotlight during which she spoke about conflict with her son, Goo Ho In.

The mother denied allegations that she also had a troubled relationship with her daughter. “I was more affectionate with my daughter than anyone else. We even shared a close mother-daughter bonding that none of the family members knew,” she said.

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On her decision to appoint lawyers even before the end of the  funeral, she explained: “Hara’s aunt was the one suggested for me to do so. My daughter just passed away, what kind of inheritance or money could have been more important? I don’t even know now how worked. I don’t know anything especially the exact amount of money.” She then refused to answer any more questions on the matter.

There is conflict over the inheritance after Hara’s death. Picture:

“What kind of parent doesn’t want to raise their child? However, I had my own circumstance. In my situation without a job, I left the house with just one bag. Even though I wanted to raise them, I found myself in a situation where I couldn’t. I ended up neglecting my responsibility as a mother,” she added.

The mother also denied claims that she cheated. “That’s not true. I was working at night when my ex-husband shaved his head and came with his knife saying that he was going to kill me.” However, the late singer-actress had written about her mother’s affair in her diary. One of Hara’s said: “She always knew that her mother had been meeting another man.”

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In the interview, the mother had said: “I didn’t suddenly appear to claim her wealth. Hara was the one who came to find me. She missed her mother.”

The mother even shared a photo she took with Goo Hara during a  meeting in 2017. “We talked about going on a vacation, eating lots of as well as spending quality time together,” the mother recalled.

However, another acquaintance of the singer-actress has remarked: “I think her mother intended to brag that she’s Goo Hara’s mom. I think she even had her friends there. Hara just wanted to see her mom, receive a warm hug and talk with her mom. But she basically invited all her relatives and their children. was like a party.”

Another person claimed that while the mother lived near her children, she did not visit them. This person said: “She lived close enough to see them. But she would say that her children weren’t looking after her. She knew everything about Hara and was going around telling everyone she was Hara’s mom.”

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The mother’s allegations were met with negative reactions from the online community. Based on what happened, many of them felt that she was twisting the truth. /TISG

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