Lee Jong Hyun leaves CNBLUE

Lee Jong Hyun was reported to have received sexual videos of women in a one-on-one chatroom with Jung Joon Young in March 2019




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South Korean singer is withdrawing from the band .

After a further controversy over his direct messages to a YouTuber on 28 Aug, Lee Jong Hyun’s agency FNC Entertainment conveyed his following statement:

Hello. This is Lee Jong Hyun.
I once again apologize to the people I’ve hurt through my inappropriate words and actions and to all the people that I’ve greatly disappointed.
Also although ’s late, I am informing you that I’m withdrawing from CNBLUE. I feel sorry that I have caused harm for the members, and I have told the members as well that I am withdrawing. I am ashamed to have disappointed the fans believed in me.
Since all of including me are currently doing our military service, took a while to convey opinions and announce this. I feel sorry and grateful to our company waited.
I feel great regret over my wrongdoing and I am willing to accept from many people. I’m sorry for evoking over a shameful matter.

Lee Jong Hyun was reported to have received sexual videos of women in a one-on-one chatroom with Jung Joon Young in March 2019.

In response, FNC Entertainment released an official statement stating,”He is reflecting and is [aware that] he deserves as he watched the videos via KakaoTalk, had inappropriate sexual conversations, and inappropriate conversations degrading women as reported. Feeling embarrassed and horrible, Lee Jong Hyun accepts the of the public regarding his wrong sexual morality and values and is deeply regretful and criticizing himself. He will be careful about all of his words and actions as a public figure, and he will reflect and accept the consequences of his wrongdoings.”

After his direct messages to YouTuber Park Min Jung were revealed on 28 August, his appears to have been deleted.

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