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Fans suggest that Lee Min Ho date co-star Kim Go Eun

Actor has been single since he broke up with in 2017




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Korean film and used to date but split up after three years.

is reported that the 33-year-old actor, is famous for his role in The Heirs, was the one made the move. His fans are now said to be begging him to date Kim Go Eun, 29 and his co-star in The King: Eternal Monarch. The latter series, which had 16 episodes, was aired from April to June this year.

The fans have been leaving comments on his account encouraging them to date after enjoying their on-screen chemistry. It is known that Lee has been single for a while now.

Bae, is now 25, was the last person he dated. A Soompi article states that Lee took the initiative to ask Bae out in 2015. It is said that Lee liked the “bright and cute” type and that Bae was the perfect fit. Lee was attracted to Bae and decided to make a move on her. At that time, Bae was attending the VIP screening of Lee’s movie Gangnam 1970.

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Suzy Bae used to date Lee Min Ho. Picture:

A source told the press that Lee’s personality made it difficult for him to make the first move as he was concerned that it would affect Bae more negatively. However, he went ahead and made the first move.

Although they had busy schedules and commercial shoots, the couple made time to see each other and go on dates. They were spotted a number of times, with ’s Dispatch platform publishing photos of them to add to rumours of the romance.

The agencies representing the film stars then confirmed that they were seeing each other. Lee’s agency at that time, Starhaus Entertainment, released a statement confirming their relationship. The March 2015 statement confirmed that they were dating for two months by then.

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Bae’s agency, JYP Entertainment, also confirmed the news at that time.

Lee and Bae dated for three years. Unfortunately, the relationship ended in 2017.

“It’s true that they have broken up. They have decided to remain good in the industry,” JYP Entertainment said at the time. “It is true that they both broke up recently. The reasons and exact time period is a personal matter so we cannot confirm that. Please understand,” MYM Entertainment added.

Lee has been busy with work this year. After completing The King: Eternal Monarch this year, he teased in an Instagram post that he was looking at scripts. Last month, he celebrated his 33rd birthday with fans and loved ones wishing him and giving him presents. The actor also visited co-star Woo Do Hwan before the latter enlisted for military service. /TISG

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