Lil Baby

Rapper Lil Baby has refuted allegations that he appears in an explicit video circulating online. The low-quality recording supposedly featured someone resembling the 28-year-old engaged in an explicit act. Without delay, Lil Baby took to his Instagram Story to dismiss these internet rumors, labeling them as “sensationalized clickbait.”

In a message to his 23.1 million followers, he wrote, “Please refrain from using my name and likeness for attention. The extremes people go to for online notoriety are disheartening. There is absolutely no mystery or wrongdoing in my past on any level. This will be the last time I address any form of exaggerated clickbait.”

Surge in deepfake content

The origin of the video remains uncertain, and it’s unclear whether it was created using artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, there has been a recent surge in deepfake explicit content, primarily targeting female celebrities and influencers.

Cybersecurity expert and host of the “What the Hack” podcast, Adam Levin, previously explained that deepfake explicit content is often produced for financial gain and as a means for individuals to showcase their video editing skills and attract attention.

Levin pointed out that this type of content existed the internet, but now, due to its primarily digital nature, it’s challenging, if not impossible, to trace it back to its creators.

Challenging to remove content online

Furthermore, Levin raised concerns, noting that there are few laws in place to prevent or penalize the distribution of explicit content, as long as all involved parties are legal adults.

He also emphasized that removing content published online, whether explicit or not, is extremely challenging. However, if all parties involved are identifiable, there may be legal avenues to address certain types of deepfake explicit content.

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