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Lili Reinhart came out as bisexual during Pride Month

was the first time the  star talked about her gender orientation and fans were happy to hear the news.




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acts as Betty Cooper in Riverdale and she was dating her co-star, . Recently the headlines were about them breaking up in real life but there was no official confirmation from them. Reinhart just came out, revealing that she was and she shared on much to the surprise of her fans. At the end of last month E! News reported that Reinhart and Sprouse were spending the isolation apart from each other since Riverdale’s filming was halted mid-March.

Insiders said that the time apart caused the pair to break up. Sharing with E! News the insider said that the duo was in a good place when Riverdale’s production was halted due to the . However, they quarantined separately and the distance put a strain on their relationship. Things are good when Reinhart and Sprouse are together. They had an intimate and affectionate relationship but things got hard when they were separate.

The news was a surprise for fans as the couple was very close the past few years. The insider said that they may reconcile after the lockdown is over. Reinhart and Sprouse may reunite once filming resumes. They said that they were not interested in dating others but were using this time to relax and focus on themselves. On June 3, Reinhart shared a flyer promoting an Black Lives Matter protest in West Hollywood in her story.

and Lili Reinhart were dating for a few years. Picture: Instagram

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She also shared that she was bisexual besides asking fans to join in the protest. She added that even though she has never said revealed it publicly, she is a proud bisexual woman and that she will be joining the protest. It was the first time the Riverdale star talked about her gender orientation and fans were happy to hear the news. The fans went on to commend her for her bravery.

A Twitter user wrote that she was lost for words and that she was proud of Reinhart for coming out as a bisexual. She continued saying that Reinhart cannot lie and that the fans were shocked as it was so unexpected but nevertheless they were glad that Reinhart came out. She hoped that Reinhart knows that she has many supporters and that many will be inspired.

Another Twitter user said that Reinhart there was beauty in Reinhart’s bisexuality.

Yet another fan tweeted that she has never said it before but she is now inspired to. She thanked Reinhart saying that she would never admit it as she was scared but she now feels brave enough to. She added that she may never tell anyone in person but at least she has supportive people online.

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Netizens noted how gracefully Reinhart came out while others applauded her commitment to fighting for justice. A Twitter user said that Reinhart is an incredible person has overcome many horrible things in her life. She is fighting for the respect that all people should have regardless of skin colour and that is why the fan is proud to be her fan and admire her. /TISG

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