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Luna the tiny doggo lets her hooman know its dinner time in the cutest way, netizens can’t stop gushing. Watch

People couldn't stop praising the little pooch's intelligent way to get more food




, Oct. 8 — The is a source of heart-melting videos of doggos doing all kinds of cute and intelligent stuff. And Luna, a mini dachshund, deserves a special mention in that category. A posted on shows the pooch demanding for in a rather smart way. The is such that may leave you saying aww repeatedly.

Shared on the doggo’s personal profile, the clip shows Luna asking for food. The starts with the adorable one pressing a button that says ‘hungry’, repeatedly. Luna’s hooman comes over to put a tiny portion of food in her bowl which makes the pooch go back and press the button a few more times. The whole is a delight to watch.

Also, Luna’s hooman made sure to let netizens know that she is always fed properly with full meals and the video is just an example of the pooch’s intelligence.

The video is actually a part of an online challenge. In this, pet parents give minimal portion of food to their furry kids to see how they react.

“I will get sassy again if you mess with my food! How should I get back at the hooman?,” reads the caption.

Take a look at the adorable video:

Posted on October 5, the clip has garnered over 25,000 views along with 2,900 likes. People couldn’t stop praising the little pooch’s intelligent way to get more food. Many showered heart emojis to appreciate the adorable video. Luna’s canine also dropped some tips to make sure that she gets all the treats.

“Never stop pressing that button as punishment!” wrote one of her pooch . To which, Luna ‘replied’, “Hmm, good idea”. “Amazing,” commented an user. “Your bork is too coot luna! Sass filled to the brim,” wrote a second. “Those little grinch paws tho,” said a third.

What are your thoughts on this little doggo’s antics?

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