LifestyleTravelLuxury hotel apologizes for serving chocolate covered woman in front of children

Luxury hotel apologizes for serving chocolate covered woman in front of children

Hotel patron Federico Mazzieri expressed his disgust when he and his 14-year-old daughter were subjected to something very disturbing at a hotel in Sardinia recently.

The father and daughter were staying at the Voi Colonna Village in Sardinia when a female employee was covered in chocolate syrup and made to lie on a table  offering dessert for at least 30 minutes.

Mazzieri who is a HR manager put the photo up on his LinkedIn sharing his and his daughter’s disgust about the objectification of the female body.

“Last night, after a beautiful day in which many people worked hard to ensure that the many guests had a carefree day, I was speechless to see this scene. How can such behaviour exist… where the body of a woman, an employee, is considered equal to a dish just to satisfy someone’s wandering eyes?, said Mazzieri.

Hotel corporate values

Mazzieri said that he could not understand how corporate values such as tradition and innovation be advertised on their website and then the body of a woman be used and equated to a price of crockery just to indulge one’s mischievous mind.

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“Talking about sustainability and ethics is very simple, making these corporate values alive in everyday life is certainly much more difficult,” added Mazzieri.

The hotel management dismissed the issue saying that the dish was actually meant to be a chocolate statue and not meant to offend anyone.

Eventually the hotel caved to the pressure and offered him and his daughter their sincere apologies. “We want to offer you, your family and in particular your daughter, as well as our customers, the most sincere apologies on behalf of all management. We deeply regret the incident… We are taking immediate action to address this incident constructively and to ensure that no customer should feel offended in any way in the future,” it said.

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