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Macron and France faces boycott calls in Malaysia

France finds itself in a storm of protests and calls for a boycott after its president is accused of protecting those who defile the Muslim Prophet in explicit cartoons




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French President and are the subjects of a campaign in Malaysia.

On local networks, Malaysians are calling for the boycott of French goods altogether.

However little the impact, the Malaysians want to make a point: Condemn the alleged demonising comments from Macron on Islam.

Some Malaysians are not taking lightly that France is allowing extreme right elements to portray their beloved Prophet in explicit cartoons.

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Anwar Ibrahim, the opposition leader in Malaysia, sent a missive to the French leader.

In his letter. he urges the French President to retract from associating Islam with violence.

In Anwar’s view, Macron is wrong in implicating the whole of the Muslim communities and Islam altogether is gross ignorance.

The French Embassy in Kuala Lumpur issued a statement in the wake of the wave of support for the calls to boycott French products.

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“The President of the Republic did not target the Muslim community in France at all but only an ideology – radical Islamism – that should be isolated and fought.

“The President clearly indicated that he would be intransigent concerning any generalisation, distinguishing the vast majority of French citizens of Muslim faith from the militant and separatist minority,” the communique adds.

Muslim groups including PAS and the Muslim Movement of Malaysia (ABIM) picked up the calls for the boycott of French goods.

Hardline organisations are leading the campaigns on social networks and there is no stopping them.

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The Movement for An Informed Society Malaysia) (WADAH) went on record for taking the French President to the task.

says Macron’s statement that Islam as a Religion and Muslim Communities the world over as condoning what he termed as “Islamic Terrorism” is offensive and biased.

Macron’s statement came in response to the murder of a 47-year old history teacher, Samuel , ten days after he showed caricatures of Prophet Muhammad in his class.

The caricatures were earlier published in Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine that was attacked for publishing such cartoons in January 2015.

Two Muslim brothers, Saïd and Chérif Kouachi forced their way into the offices of the French newspaper in Paris. They killed 12 and injured 11 people. They were killed in a massive police manhunt later on.

Wadah and Anwar say they condemn the brutality in which the murder was perpetrated.

The 18-year Abdullah Anzorov, has since been shot dead, should not have taken the into his own hands, says Wadah.

Acknowledging that the root cause of this incident is the extremism and radicalism and the element of madness in some people, Wadah feels France should stop using the Prophet in its caricatures.

It says this is not the best way to express freedom since it is perpetrated to anger Muslims.

“Freedom of speech should never be a blank cheque to ridicule any religious personalities that one revers. There is still something sacred in some societies. Have we not learn from past incidents?” Wadah’s Ahmad Azam Abdul Rahman asks.

Putrajaya has dissociated itself from the boycott call campaign.

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