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Macron: Trump and I Are Both Mavericks




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French President Emmanuel Macron, is in the for a three-day state visit, has made much of his “special relationship” with . In a recent interview with Fox News Sunday, Mr. Macron attributed their bond to the fact that they are both “mavericks of the system.”

Mr. Macron told Chris Wallace, the host of Fox News Sunday, that he and Mr. see to on “some of the very critical” issues such as fighting . He also said that their bond partly came about because of unexpected triumphs in their respective . 

He said, “I think ’s was unexpected in your country, and probably my was unexpected in my country. We are not part of the classical political system.”

Mr. Macron also mentioned that the strength of his relationship with the leader is due to various between the two, particularly Mr. Trump’s visit to during Bastille Day last year.

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The visit to Washington, Mr. Macron’s first, is expected to be marked by an exchange of gifts. The French leader will be giving Mr. Trump a young tree from a World I battle site, and Mr. Trump, in turn, will gift Mr. Macron with a framed upholstery of a chair from the White House.

Mr. Macron talked about Vladimir Putin, the President of , in his interview. The French president said that Mr. Putin is “obsessed by interference in our democracies,” and that the approach to him must be a strong one.

“I do believe that we should never be weak with President Putin. When you are weak, he uses it. And it’s fine. That’s a game, that he made a lot of fake news. He has a very strong propaganda, and he intervenes everywhere… to fragilize our democracies. Because he thinks it’s good for his country.”

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